Centering® Pregnancy & Parenting

SouthEast Lancaster Health Services has joined with the Centering Healthcare Institute to provide meaningful information to our patients who are soon-to-be parents and parents of growing families. The Centering Healthcare Institute created CenteringPregnancy® and CenteringParenting® as models of group healthcare that change the experience of patient care. Centering® groups replace traditional one-on-one visits and provide assessment, education, and support alongside SouthEast Lancaster Health’s medical and nursing providers. CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting are offered as groups in our Wellness Circle Program, and are currently lead in both English and Spanish.

SouthEast Lancaster Health Services’ Centering® groups are held in the Patient Education Room at our 333 North Arch Street site. If you have any questions or would like more information on program participation, please contact our Wellness Circle Coordination, Dina DeJesus, at 717-299-6371 ext. 11210 or


CenteringPregnancy is a model that focuses on prenatal care. We provide you with education on body changes throughout your pregnancy as well as the birth and the care of your baby. This program is completed in ten sessions throughout your pregnancy, in which you will meet with your provider individually and then join with other parents experiencing pregnancy in a group setting. During each session, group members are motivated and encouraged to discuss concerns and solutions about the progress of your pregnancy, your body, and  your family. This model empowers you as a parent to make educated decisions that promote healthier behaviors for you and your growing family alongside a support network and our medical and nursing providers.


Centering Parenting

CenteringParenting is a model that focuses on the full-scope healthcare of mothers and babies, while providing a light and relaxed atmosphere to share questions, advice, and experiences with other parents in the group. The CenteringParenting group meets regularly throughout the first 15 months following birth, with the mother actively involved in the health evaluation of herself and her baby. Group discussions encourage group members to comfortably identify the needs of your baby, your own individual health, and your families as our medical and nursing providers complete standard health evaluations for the mother and baby

CenterPregnancy and CenteringParenting is a 12-24 month Wellness Circle during the transition from pregnancy to the first 15 months of your child’s life. You are encouraged, but not required to participate in both Wellness Circles.