Healthcare To ALL

Our mission is to provide high-quality, compassionate, and culturally competent healthcare to ALL members of our community–moms, dads, children, grandparents, adults, teens, and babies who have no insurance, who have little or no income, and those who cannot find affordable healthcare elsewhere.

For 42 years, SouthEast has worked tirelessly to provide exceptional community health; provided BY the community, FOR the community.


Our Roots

We were born in 1972 on Strawberry Street as a part-time, volunteer-run medical center.  We worked hard caring for those who needed help. As we grew, we were able to add paid staff to our team.  By 1980, we began providing dental care in addition to medical care.  Also in 1980, we moved to an office on Rockland Street, merged with Lancaster Neighborhood Health Center and SACA Health Center and renamed the newly fashioned organization ‘SouthEast Lancaster Health Services.’

South Duke Street
In 1994, through the leadership of then-mayor Janice Stork, the City of Lancaster gifted us with land at 625 South Duke Street. By 1996, SouthEast had raised enough money to build a brand new facility on the donated land.  The building originally included 14 medical exam rooms and 6 dental operatories. We began offering a Dental Emergency Walk-in Program to care for those experiencing extreme dental crisis and partnered with HACC’s Nursing Program to enhance patient education. In 2011, a major renovation of the South Duke Street facility took place expanding capacity from 6 to 13 dental operatories including a Pediatric Dental Suite tailored for providing compassionate dental care for children.

Bright Side Opportunities Center
SouthEast operates a health center in Bright Side Opportunities Center on the Southwestern side of Lancaster City. This site opened in November 2006 and provides 6 medical examination rooms for patient care. Bright Side is a hub for refugee families new to the U.S. Our practice at Bright Side has dramatically improved the lives of patients who are new to Western healthcare.

North Arch Street
In 2009, SouthEast purchased one of Thomas Edison’s original power plants in downtown Lancaster with financial assistance from Lancaster General Health. Over the next two years, SouthEast undertook a successful Capital Campaign, Project Health Equality and Access for Lancaster (HEAL), to renovate the historic site into a state of the art medical facility with 24 medical exam rooms. The North Arch Street facility was opened to the public in the summer of 2010.

Envisioning Healthcare for All

Envisioning Healthcare for ALL

Most would agree that it is both wise and just to provide healthcare to ALL of our community. At SouthEast Lancaster Health Services, we strive to make our care outstanding, dignified, compassionate, culturally-competent, and cost-effective.

SouthEast is the sum of 22,000 patients, 194 staff and Board, 5 facilities, 48 medical exam rooms, and 13 dental operatories all focused on ONE mission: to provide care to ALL members of our community. Because of our high standards for care, SouthEast provides exceptional, compassionate care with the dignity that all people deserve. When a fellow community member is vulnerable and sick, SouthEast is truly honored to help restore their wellness.

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is
the most shocking and inhumane.”-Martin Luther King, Jr.